The Screen Sanctuary Digital Detox Toolbox is a reflective, analytical and practical course book designed to:

  • identify your personal screen addiction habits
  • analyse your digital device usage
  • address the impact of excessive screen use on your health and relationships
  • learn techniques to improve your memory, concentration, productivity, social connections and your mental and physical well-being
  • develop a bespoke digital detox plan to fit around your unique lifestyle to combat digital overload
  • implement effective screen reduction strategies
  • re-establish your online/offline life balance
  • evaluate the impact of reducing your digital device usage across areas of your life

Filled with tried-and-tested exercises, tips and strategies and digital detox plans, as well as homework tasks for you to complete at the end of each chapter, The Screen Sanctuary Digital Detox Toolbox is an ideal course book to guide you through your own digital detox journey and is guaranteed to help you regain control over your devices, rather than allowing your devices to continue to control you.

The Screen Sanctuary Digital Detox Toolbox is available to download and print, or to order as a glossy handbook.

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