We offer a range of digital detoxing courses to suit all types of screen addiction, levels of detox and age groups, including:

For Adults:

The Screen Sanctuary Digital Detox Toolbox: A downloadable coursebook to guide your digital detox experience
The Screen Sanctuary Digital Detox Workshop: A 1.5 hour intensive adult course to kickstart your digital detox
The Screen Sanctuary Digital Detox Course: A weekly course for adults
The Screen Sanctuary Digital Detox Weekender: Overnight retreats for over 18s to fully immerse yourself in a relaxing weekend of screen-free bliss to relax, unwind, recharge your batteries and re-calibrate to your body’s needs.
The Ultimate International Screen Sanctuary Digital Detox Trip: Holidays and short stays abroad for over 18s to reconnect and restore inner balance in some of the world’s most serene and peaceful resorts.
The Screen Sanctuary Corporate Workshop: Designed to improve employee health and well-being and increase workforce productivity by developing an awareness of digital detoxing possibilities for staff inside and outside of the workplace.

For young people:

The ‘Teen’ Sanctuary Digital Detox Toolbox: A downloadable child-friendly coursebook to guide young people through a digital detox experience
The ‘Teen’ Sanctuary Digital Detox Workshop: A 45 minute digital detox awareness course aimed at young people
The ‘Teen’ Sanctuary Digital Detox Course: A short course specifically designed for young people
1-teen-1 Digital Detoxing Sessions: Bespoke private sessions tailored to individual young person’s needs